Need to effectively manage cerebral palsy revisited

DSC_1334The Co-Founder of Benola: A cerebral Palsy Initiative, Mrs. Alaba Gbadebo has stressed the importance of information in the management of cerebral palsy in Nigeria.
Speaking at Benola’s Christmas Party and Cerebral Palsy Awareness Campaign held at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Mrs. Gbadebo said the management of cerebral palsy remained a major challenge in Nigeria.
“Benola will continue to provide families with vital information on current trends in the management of cerebral palsy to help them cope with their situation, help  parents of  children with cerebral palsy to better assist their child in achieving the best level independence possible under each child’s peculiar situation, help professionals and others  new to the field understand, support and encourage children with Cerebral Palsy and their families and help all children to understand cerebral palsy  and what life is like for those who have to  live with it.” she said.
She said the Christmas party was meant to give hope to children in the hospital, particularly cerebral palsy patients.
“It was a great time; it was so touching the moments we shared with these children,” said Alaba Gbadebo.
She called for collective responsibility in ensuring that the information about cerebral palsy is shared with women and men in the families, neighborhood, communities, offices, places of worships and markets.
“Benola will ensure that individuals with cerebral palsy and other development disabilities in Nigeria have access to a better quality of life including programmes that will help them achieve their individual goals”.
She added that the care for the condition was only possible through early detection.