MediaGate Management: The Mass Media Agency

  • We address issues important to our clients

  • We create stories for our clients

  • We share information about events, products, campaign promises and meetings

  • We explain why our client is important

  • We share information about a product, a position, dates and times of an event correctly with the public

  • We assist our client   to address issues, respond to a crisis and share general information

  • We announce individuals intending to seek elected office

  • We respond  to allegations made against our client

  • We announce new or improved product/service

  • We share data, statistics, tips, trends, perspectives or other pertinent information that would be of interest to a particular industry

  • We  announce press conference or an upcoming event

  • We announce the release of a new book

  • We share news about  latest album and movie


  • Digital Marketing

  • Video Creation

  • Photography

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Live-streaming

  • Event planning

  • Media campaign before the Event

  • Live-streaming

  • Media production during the Event

  • Pictures during the Event

Ebireri Henry Ovie Mobile: 2348036977194.